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Our Top App Choices


The crew at Atlantic Yachting is on the water every day. They lean hard on experience as well as technology to keep all sailing activities not only safe, but also as enjoyable as possible. Whether or not you sail regularly, these two apps are our crew's top choices and are well worth the download!




This app is great for watching incoming weather. Hourly forecast are a good source of general information, but nothing beats being able to pull up the radar in your exact location and decide for yourself if that dark cloud is coming your way. Fully zoomable and updated every five or ten minutes. Best part...it's FREE! Sailing on the Hudson river can be tricky during the summer. The city's heat and near coastal location can really alter frontal movement and patterns. Nothing beats updated radar in your pocket. 



This app has changed navigation. The ability to see full chart data right from your phone has created the opportunity for some sailors to not even purchase large GPS plotters anymore. Once moving, your course over ground and speed are clearly displayed on the screen. Plan your day on the water from your couch, and let the app calculate distance, time, fuel consumption, etc. There is also regularly updated harbor information, weather, tides, and currents. The app isn't free but well, well worth the $14.99 for iPhone. Many models of iPhone and iPad also have stand alone GPS receivers, meaning your chartplotter will work even outside of cell phone range. Atlantic Yachting captain Jonathan Horvath says: "Sailing in NYC is pretty simple regarding water depths, but there are a lot of channels and navigational aids. This app is great for peace of mind and reassurance that you're in the right place, right on your phone.