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Trip Advisor Reviews!!!

Lionel M. said: "The best sailing school in New York"

I had a dream of learning how to sail for some time, but I needed to get my wife on board (no pun intended) . She was opposed initially but I was successful in getting her to at least take a sailing course with me. We booked the weekend Basic keel boat course with Atlantic Yachting and it was an amazing experience. Jonathan and Conor were great instructors and more importantly, great people.

My wife had no clue about sailing before taking the course and my skills and knowledge weren't much better. However, by the end of the course Martha was handling jibsheets and trimming mainsails like a champ. Conor (our skipper when we went out on the boat) was very patient, funny and very informative. We never felt uncomfortable or unsafe in the water. It was actually just the opposite. We learned alot from Conor and his demeanor had us feeling like we knew him forever. We passed our keelboat certification exam with flying colors and are on our way to enjoying a new pastime. My wife is actually excited now to take practice sails and go back on the water again (Mind you, she doesn't really know how to swim, so this is amazing).

If you want to learn to sail a boat, or just want to charter one for a good time on the water, definitely go with Atlantic. We will be definitely coming back over and over (to learn more, and also to simply just sale).

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