"One of the best warm weather havens for your youngster. "
Time Out Kids

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What a Great Summer!

2019 Summer Youth Sailing Programs were an absolute blast. Have a great school year and we'll see everyone again next June!

"My son had an absolute blast... He's definitely hooked on sailing now and spends his days reading Sailing Magazine and sailing books."
JB on City Search

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NYC Sailing School Fleet | J24


Our J/24's are outstanding educational sailboats. The J/24 has become the worlds most popular Keelboat and is renowned for it's excellent handling and fine feel for the wind and water. The J/24 was designed to fulfill the diverse needs of recreational sailors such as cruising, one design racing, day sailing and handicap racing. It is a perfect boat for youth sailors because it provides the feel and handling of a small boat, with the stability and safety of a larger, non-capsizing boat.


The J24 is the perfect boat for young sailors in NY Harbor. With full wrap around lifelines (name for cable railings around a boat) and a heavy lead keel, the risk of ending up in the water is very, very slim. All our vessels have reefing mainsails and multiple foresail options. What does this mean? It means that we are able to "de-power" the sails depending on wind speeds, making for a safe, comfortable learning environment.