"One of the best warm weather havens for your youngster. "
Time Out Kids

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What a Great Summer!

2019 Summer Youth Sailing Programs were an absolute blast. Have a great school year and we'll see everyone again next June!

"My daughter Sam had a fun, safe time on the water and learned skills that are invaluable, in my opinion, on or off of a sailboat. I strongly recommend this program."
Juliette on Parents Connect

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2017 Summer Kids Sailing Camp

Typical Day

8:30 - 9:00 | Meet Up
Meet your counselors at the corner of W. 79th St. and Riverside Dr. to check-in and confirm your parents’ pick-up plans at the end of the day.
9:05 - 9:30 | Pre-Sail Huddle
We go over the plan for the day (Will we split into groups and race each other? Will we sail together under the George Washington Bridge, or maybe past the Statue of Liberty?) We’ll also learn a new topic like advanced sail trim, racing rules, or even sailing backwards! Don’t worry, this isn’t your typical class—we keep it quick, fun and engaging.
9:30 - 12:00 | Rig & Sail
This is what camp is all about! Campers split into a group of six or less, grab their life jackets, and head to their boat with a counselor. Everyone helps prepare their boat, cast off lines and head out onto the water to practice a new skill, play a game, or just relax and explore. In the beginning, your counselor will help out a lot, but by the end of your first week, it’s all you. Your counselor will still be on board, of course, to make sure everything stays safe and fun, but getting the boat where it’s supposed to go? That’s your job.
12:00 - 1:00 | Lunch!
We all work together to dock the boat back at the Basin and secure it, then we head up to the Boat Basin Café for lunch. No cafeteria trays or brown paper bags here - the full-service Café has a great variety of options, including vegetarian and Kosher dishes.
1:00 - 1:20 | Free Time
This is a chance to hang out, run around and relax before heading back out on the water. If it’s really hot, we’ll head over to the fountain by the baseball field and dunk our heads in.
1:20 - 2:45 | Afternoon Sailing
After lunch, we head off again onto the Hudson. On some days we’ll practice a new skill or play a game, on others, we’ll just set sail and see where the wind takes us—sailing is relaxing, after all.
2:45 - 3:30 | De-rig, Clean-up, Recap
This is just what it sounds like: we learn and practice the best way to secure our boats for the night and get them ready for the next day’s adventures. Then we huddle up to discuss the day and answer any questions about our time on the water. Afterwards, we all walk up to 79th and Riverside to meet your designated pickup person. You might be a little tired, kind of wet, full of stories, and ready to come back and do it all again tomorrow. We can’t wait either. See you then!