"Our captain was charming, easy going, and in control, which gave us the perfect atmosphere for our sail. We sailed into the sunset and just as we passed the Statue of Liberty, I popped the question. And she said YES. What else do I have to say?"
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Caroline Gentry

Caroline Gentry sailing in NYC

Caroline Gentry sailing in NYC

Dressed to impress at age 3 in a nautical striped ‘sailorette’ suit with matching bow in hair is where it all began for this mariner. As a young North Carolinian, Caroline spent her youth on and around the water, dreaming of the day that she sails with Atlantic Yachting. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a stronger passion for sailing than economics, Caroline hopped aboard a privately owned custom sailing sloop as crew. Her time aboard yachts has taken her throughout the Bahamas, Caribbean, Central America, and even the canals of England. She believes that the people that you meet along your journey are sometimes more memorable than the sights you see, so she aims to make an awesome lasting impression on your charter.