"Our captain was charming, easy going, and in control, which gave us the perfect atmosphere for our sail. We sailed into the sunset and just as we passed the Statue of Liberty, I popped the question. And she said YES. What else do I have to say?"
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Dave Polakoff

Dave Polakoff sailing in manhattan

Dave Polakoff teaches sailing in NYC

Dave has been sailing on the Hudson River, around New York City, for about 20 years and loves sharing his knowledge, experience and enjoyment of sailing and New York City/ Hudson River history with sailing students and charterers alike.  Dave has also logged extensive sailing hours on the Chesapeake Bay and in the British Virgin Islands.  Dave has American Sailing Association certifications up to Bareboat, plus Basic Sailing Instructor, and is licensed by the United States Coast Guard. 

Dave is a graduate of Lehigh University and when not on the water is a media/entertainment industry, financial/strategic consultant.  When not consulting or sailing, Dave is a member of the New York City rock-n-roll cover band, “OTTO,” where he’s the drummer, and would drive the band boat, if they had one.