"Our captain was charming, easy going, and in control, which gave us the perfect atmosphere for our sail. We sailed into the sunset and just as we passed the Statue of Liberty, I popped the question. And she said YES. What else do I have to say?"
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Tonia Lovejoy

Tonia Lovejoy sailing instructor in NYC

Tonia Lovejoy sailing instructor in Manhattan

Tonia spent the first seven years of her life living aboard a 36 foot sloop built by her parents. The ocean has been calling her back ever since. A returned Nepal Peace Corps volunteer, she most recently completed a two year circumnavigation working as the production manager for an online educational magazine aboard a 43 foot Swan ketch.

Now, as a USCG licensed captain and ASA sailing instructor with more than 25,000 blue water miles she enjoys sharing her love of sailing on the exciting waters of New York City. When not sailing, Tonia manages the national education non-profit ReachtheWorld.