Weather Policy

The Weather on the Hudson

Our many years of experience has shown that the weather in New York, and particularly on the Hudson, can change quickly and often for the better. For this reason we wait until an hour before your sail for the Captain to make a determination on the weather.

We are always keeping an eye on the weather, and stay tuned throughout the day to see how it progresses.  If we need to cancel, we will call you at least an hour prior to your sail and reschedule your sail to a mutually agreeable date and time at no cost to you. Please note that it is the Captain who makes the call - should you opt to reschedule of your own accord, rescheduling fees will apply.

Dangerous Conditions

We do not sail in dangerous conditions under any circumstances. We avoid rain as best as possible and do not sail in lightning or server winds or seas.


In the event of a cancellation by the Captain of the vessel due to severe weather conditions or mechanical failure, the sail will be rescheduled to a mutually agreeable date prior to October 31 of the current year at no additional charge. Refunds are not offered. Severe weather is determined solely by the Captain of the vessel.