5 Best NYC insta spots (from the water, of course!)

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The best NYC Instagram locations… from the water of course.

Top 42nd Street Instagram Locations

The 42nd Street Canyon. The skyline is changing so fast, but luckily this shot across one of the city’s greatest streets is still unobstructed.

Top 5 Statue of Liberty Instagram spots

Get Behind The Statue of Liberty. There is a reason you don’t see lady liberty’s bum that often. Its hard to get the shot. With Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge framing the shot, it can make the perfect instagram opportunity.

Top 5 Brooklyn Bridge Instagram Spots

The Brooklyn Bridge… from below! The view from center span, river level, is incredible. You just have to remember put the phone down and take a second to absorb the grandeur of the full setting.

Best NYC sunset instagram spot

Walk There. The west side bike path has some of the best sunset opportunities in the city. Like this one… taken a few steps south of Pier i Cafe, near W 72nd street.

best NYC skyline instagram location

The Skyline (from above the Holland Tunnel). While hundreds of cars zoom 80ft below, the angle on the skyline from the Hudson river, right around the tunnel, makes for an incredible shot. When sunset reflects on the windows it gets really, really good.

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