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Tour of the Great Lakes

Eric grew up sailing on lakes in Indiana, so it only makes sense that he’d want to get back to his roots, just with upgraded lakes! Eric said he’d like to take a leisurely tour of each of the Great Lakes, stopping at points of interest in each. This is obviously a year-long plus trip, and given the high latitudes of the Great Lakes, he’d be limited to summer sailing. So you can’t go yet, Eric. Your adoring fans await the return of you and your cowboy hat on The Hudson this season!

The Great Lakes are basically inland, freshwater seas, or “Sweetwater Seas” as French explorers dubbed them, so suggesting an exhaustive itinerary would be like planning a trip through the entire Caribbean. Suffice to say there’s an immense amount of city life as well as natural beauty to be found here, but knowing Eric, we’re pretty sure there are a few spots you’ll be sure to find him.

Eric’s an actor off the water, so he’ll definitely take in a show at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago on the southern tip of Lake Michigan. He might also get recruited to jump on a boat for the historic Chicago Yacht Club Race to Macinac Island. As a farm boy, he’d love the turn-of-the-century charm of the island. No cars allowed—only horses and bikes.

Macinac Island: No cars, just right. Photo – Wikipedia

From there, he could be through the locks of the St. Lawrence Seaway and sailing down the Atlantic coast in a few weeks—or a few years, depending on how thick the fog is, and many microbreweries he decides to tour. Whenever you get there, Eric, send us a case or two of your favorite.

Close quarters waiting for the locks on the St. Lawrence Seaway. Share that beer!

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